Education Project

Sally Maina Education Scholarships

This is the second core activity of our mission.

For some of the children, they may have outstanding performance in their elementary course work, but beyond that their hopes for further education are crashed due to lack of funds to pay for tuition. We are here to rekindle that hope and motivate them to keep working hard through our annual scholarship program.

We will support the best performing children from these disadvantaged families all through high school and further on to University if they so choose to.

Family environment, background and outstanding school performance will be our key criteria in selection of the scholarship recipients.

Below is a student Augustine Kahuthu formerly of Kingon'go elementary school who performed very well in his final elementary school exam.He comes form a humble background,being raised by a single mum and they were struggling to raise funds for him go to high school. We partnered with the Hilde Back Education Fund-another charity based in Kenya that provides education scholarship for bright and needy kids, and Augustine is now going into his junior year in one of the best high schools in his region. He is determined to work hard and get a better life for himself and his family.