Feeding Program

This is one of our core programs at the Sally Maina Foundation. We will provide access to food for the needy children through the school feeding program that supplies meals and snacks .Simply put, to me kids learn best on full stomachs! Imagine how your stomach growls and rumbles when you skip or are late for a meal and you feel like crushing, but you know somewhere eventually you will eat and once you do, you quickly forget the hunger pangs you had.

Now imagine a child having to sit in a classroom under the same condition, some not having hope of a meal even later on . For some of these children, this could be their only meal of the day so indeed this program will largely and positively impact their daily living.Schools are where we lay the foundation for future generations to grow and thrive.

Here's an excerptt from the World food program on feeding programs and their significance.
"Nearly all countries around the world have a school feeding programme, and each day at least 368 million children from kindergarten to secondary school receive food at school. This huge figure indicates that governments recognize school feeding as an essential tool for the development and growth of school children, communities, and society as a whole, and as a social safety net. Still, many more children do not benefit from school feeding, and in countries where poverty rates mean school meals would be a vital safety net, the reach of school meal programs is smaller."

Our first school that we're working with is Kingon'go elementary school which was the last school that the late Mrs Sally Maina worked at as the principal before her demise.