Our Core Values

As we pursue our goal of transforming the lives of these families and communities, we do observe and adhere to these key principles that enable us successfully and effectively accomplish our mission.

God Centered- We are a faith based organization, and through our mission we heed to the call from God to show compassion, to reach out and be good Samaritans to our neighbors in need, to love them as we love ourselves and to look out for their interests.

Passion- Our existence was birthed by a passion and desire to share the burdens of our less privileged brothers and sisters, as inspired by our hero-the late Mrs. Sally Maina.Every one of us shares in this passion and is a champion of hope in their own way.

Dedication-Driven by the spirit of reaching out and giving back to our communities, we are dedicated to this cause. We strive to show generosity and kindness, to step out of our comfort zone and make a difference.

Respect-We are people of diverse backgrounds and professions, and as such we acknowledge and respect each other’s values and contributions. We will extend the same level of respect and regard to our partners, donors, and beneficiaries.

Integrity-We aspire to maintain the highest levels of integrity as we execute our mission and live out the vision for our existence.Ethics, transparency and honesty are key element of our values and guiding principles. As such, no part of the organization's earnings, donations and contributions will inure to the benefit of board members or individuals. We also do not exist for the benefit of private interests, but sorely for the mission stated.

Pursuit of Excellence and Growth-We strive for continuous growth and improvement of our targeted groups while maintaining professionalism, excellence and high levels of efficiency..